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Hey! You!


I'm BarbaraBabeurre, I was born 34 years ago, and even most people say I look at least 7 years younger. But hey,  why lie about age?

I do get only better with aging and you can't bet the years of experience and wisdom right? 


So let's start with the CV part lol -

Originally  I'm a teacher for kids with special needs. but let's talk about the other side of me.    I'm a former fashion model. And as you already know glamour model and former pornstar. Yeah, the former means I don't do movies anymore. 

After a couple of years of working in porn, I did find out that porn isn't the right thing for me to do.

  I found my real passion and I'm not just saying that. This work

is really my true passion.

          “She's mad,

but she's magic. There's no lie in her fire.”

                                          Charles Bukowski

and I'm not just saying that. This work is really my true passion.


It allowed me to live in great countries. travel the whole world, and meet my amazing clients. I do value a lot of my regulars as friends. I know it may be a bit strange, but if you will take a minute or two and read my feedback you will see how my clients feel about me.



On the other side, this job gave me a lot of freedom, so I was able to study more. As of now, I did graduate as a photographer and journalist. And as I had even more time I divided into psychology and marketing.  And I finished my Ph.D. a year ago. 


As for my hobbies, as someone with Adhd (if you know you) I have a huge variety of hobbies,  such as art - and yeah you can buy actual paintings made by me. I love to take photos. My favorite style of photography is street photography. but I do as well a lot of DIYs and yeah probably i have more tools than you do.

I'm fostering dogs for rescue centers and I have a cute mix-bread dog. Whom I'm spending a lot of time outside. Sometimes I do yoga and I visit the sauna. I'm listening to a lot of podcasts especially true crime and I do like reading. 

  Apart from that, I'm cooking a lot and love to discover new restaurants coffees, and wines.  My current obsession is natural wines. (ask me for dining tips in Prague)

My personal preference is longer meetings, as I'm not a robot I do like to get to know you and make you feel like we are on an actual date.


if you are looking for fast fuck and go service please make me favor level this website imminently and never contact me. we would be a good match. but if you are a mature gentleman who knows the most valuable thing is time and knows how to treat ladies then you are more than welcome to read my website and make your own judgment if we are a good match. 

​I'm based in Prague. I'm more than happy to fly to you as well.

If you did make it here text me your favorite book in your introduction. 

For updates and selfies, you check my Twitter,  if you would like to buy me a gift click            for  my wishlist.

                                                                                                              maybe your Barbara

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