Why i have to pay deposit?

If you looking for advance appointment deposit its essential i  don't double or triple book. i reserve the time  for you and  only you. At the moment on  every day basis every sw  experience massive number of time wasters, and dont let me  even started about the danger of this  job.

This its  my full time  job not hobby.  So 20 as deposit its  small  thing  to ask. i have  numerous methods how i accept deposit included  cash vouchers etc.  the process  take maximum of 5 minutes. As you can see im verified well  revived member. and i would  ruin my carrier   with scaling ppl  for  silly 20.


What will happen if im late? 

i  undertand things can happen, but please as soon you know you will be late txt me  your eta. Usually if you are 10 min late, we can process with full hour, but if the delay is bigger maybe you will have to leave early. Let me use explain: if you will have booked ticket to cinema for 8pm for 90 min long movie. you will be there at 8:30pm, because traffic or what ever reason, you will miss half hour of the movie. and you will still have to leave the cinema at 9.30pm ... this i same with me you book me for 90 min not for whole day. So sometimes if you are late ill ask you pay my full fee because you booked the time, but you will be asked leave at the original time ... but please always update me with your eta thanks.

Why u don't sending post code or why u don't give me your hotel name, full address without booking ?

Guys, all what i do, is for my and your safety! I'm really not interested in  strangers  waiting outside of my place, or "just" showing  up without booking.
All the time, you  will be  asked to   confirm the booking hour or two before. And then i will give you all relevant details  ie adress where are you supposed to call from to get more directions .... So you will have enough time reach my location. 


Do you offer unprotected sex ?

No its the polite answer!

If you will  suggest Unprotected sex I will NOT see you and  you will be blocked/blacklisted/




Why u didnt answer  my call ?  

Im   independent provider, i  don't  have receptionist  if  i don't answer phone call  send me wee txt  such as : HI Barb i was wondering  if you are free today after  3pm for hour. Jason

If you wish don't be contacted  after some times  add  note such as please  don't call or  txt after 5pm 



Are party girl? Can i smoke at your place? are you 420 friendly?

No I'm not, all my meetings is strictly narcotic free, my place have strictly no smoking policy. If  you  been  found under  influence of alcohol or anything else you will  be asked to leave without refund.



Do you anal? im quite  big...

Yes! and  really enjoy  It,   all sizes of hard penis are guaranteed 



Why you  didnt answer when i  called  from With-held number/ landline

 I don't answer this  type  of calls i  need  mobile number  so i can txt you my details  etc.. you can't book me  without working ell phone 



Do you fisting?

Yes I do, and  genuinely love it.

Uniforms ? what u will wear? can u open me naked, in lingerie.

Secretary/dress/ skirt and shirt/PVC/ GFE jeans and t-shirt  txt me your preference 

i always open door fully covered.
If u wish ill wear stockings, uniforms etc u can buy me one 

At the moment i don't  wear shoes as im  touring in flats only and this can  cause problems  with neighbors. 




Do you offer QUICKIES?

No im not a robot I don't work on a production line. I am independet escort offering quality no rush service.



Which services you DO NOT provide?

Please DO NOT CALL me for bareback, CIM, Rimming giving, submissive role,hardsport, spliting, swallow, anal fisting, fem, bisexual games, wattersportsI I Dont do these services even for extra money, so do not ask.



Do you offer outdoor/car meetings?


I have to cancel. Will you see me anoter time?

Yes no problem, please send me a text or give me a call to cancel as soon as you know you cant make it. If you need to cancel  the appointment  with more than 5-hour notice I'll offer you reschedule the appointment  during  next 3 days if this suite my schedule, If you cancel with less than 5  hours notice 50% payment its  required if you cancel with less than 3  hours notice 100% payment of booked time its  required 

I will be happy to see you another time as long as you did cancel  nad pay cancelation fee of the previous booking & not stood me up!



Are your rates negotiable? discount?

Please don't insult me by asking for a cheaper price and note that I dot offer 'special rates' for students, OAPs, male escorts/models, virgins, or anyone else.

Short notice meeting?

Not preferred, but you can try. But all time ill want minimum 20 min notice, i like to take my time and get ready for you.

are you independent?

Yes 100%

You are really from Czech?

Yes I'm ,  i was born in Prague. Anyway, I'm verified member of most of websites so u can see my nationality.  

 Are you willing to  see me if I'm:  black, asian, indian, purple green?

Yes i will, if you are polite , clean and nice there is no race limit :)

why you never answered me?

I can't be  bothered  answer  txt such as:  available, can i fuck you, how much, post code, etc ...

You have to be polite .... Hi Barb, can i book you for hour at 1pm ? thank you Luis

I would like to buy you a present?

you don't have to..but if you'd like to spoil me Im huge fan of Lush Bath bombs,  byredo perfumes and dark chocolates, and coffee and  gin lover i have gift  guide listed here x  please  note  gifts are not  method of payment.


Are your pictures real?

Yes all my pictures is 100% recent and genuine...



Work time? why u don't work in night? why some days u work from 2? 3? 5pm ?

Usually i work 9am till 9pm whatever i have listed my work time for exact date on  first page my profile.


Only  exception its  dinner dates, overnights and travel meets 

I don't work after 9pm, because is my choice... as all normal people i have to sleep, and I'm not interesting meet guys what is drunk or use other things....

Well, as you maybe know, is existing something like check-in time, and check-out time, what i have to accept .. same like i don't own start gate (if you do have spare one let me know, I'm happy to buy it) so sometimes, i have to travel and this take time...



Will you will see me if I'm disabled/on spectrum ? 

yes  but please always  when you looking  for booking  disclose your condition  and  double  check if my place  its suitable  for your  needs.



Age limit? or any other limits  why you will don't see me? 

Im seeing only males 23yo and  above and  fluent in english