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How to contact me 

When you are ready to book an actual appointment with me, please make
sure you are tactful in the way you approach me. Read this short text and 
understand what it's my screening procedure and what I'm expecting from

As I said previously many times. I do prefer quality over quantity
and I'm really picky about whom I'll spend my time. I know this is a huge
privilege but you are expecting to have really sensual and private time with 
me. And you have to understand my body-my rules. I'll repeat this over and
over again, just because you are the one holding the wallet. You aren't
holding my basic human rights. If you can't stand the thought of women with 
rights, power, and head then please-just go away.

First impressions are crucial and you only get one chance.

Please READ and don't send me a message asking “what are your rates?”
or “hi” "services" etc. For booking requests, I
require full sentences. And
basic humanity per say.

Essential information that I need 

 • your age
 • nationality
 • occupation
 • date of booking and exact duration       
 • place of the meeting (the hotel name or the  address of the apartment)

Example of  text message/email:

     “Hi Barb, my name is  Ed. I found your ad listed on .....and was interested in meeting you!  I'm 52 years old and I'm an architect. I'm in Prague for a short work trip. Can I make an appointment anytime on  Monday after 3 pm for at least an hour? At my hotel? I'm staying in the Inside by Melania in the city center. xo Ed"

I pride myself as a big foodie who created a small guide, including my favorite restaurants and wine and cocktails bars in Prague, restaurants. if you would like to get recommendation for dining state this along your booking request.

The only way how to make an appointment is via text. A short text or WhatsApp to +420792207670.

Bookings are by text only.  That means I'm not answering calls and video calls I have a personal life that I value most same as you.  So please respect me and my rules. I'm not answering the phone after 8 pm.


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