When you are ready to book an actual appointment with me, please make

sure you are tactful in the way you approach me. Read this short text

understand what it's my screening procedure and what I expecting from you.


First impressions are crucial and you only get one chance.

Please READ and don't send me a message asking “what are your rates?” or “hi”

"services" etc. For booking request, I require full sentences.

Essential information what i need 

your age



date of booking and duration

place of meet (the hotel name or the  address of apartment)

Example of  text message/email:


     “Hi Barb, my name is  Ed. I found your ad listed on .....and was interested in

meeting you!  I am 52 years old and I'm architect. I'm in Prague for short  work trip.

Can I make appointment anytime  on  Monday  after 3 pm for at least an hour. At

my hotel? I'm staying in the Inside  by Mellania in the city center. xo Ed"

As I'm not online always the best way how to contact me its via phone. Short txt or WhatsApp to +420792207670.

Bookings  are  by txt only.  That mean i'm not answering calls and video calls I have personal  life what i value most same as you.  So please  respect me and  my rules. Im not answering phone after 8pm.

I created small guide including my favourites hotels  in Prague, restaurants, coctail's-wine bar's  and if you can't host hotels paid  by  hours.

However this list it's password protected as. As its only for my  actual client's. If you are gentleman,  who looking to  meet  me, please drop me what’s app with  booking request and ask for  password to this page. Thank you. 



How to contact me