When you are ready to book an actual appointment with me, please make

sure you are tactful in the way you approach me. Read this short text

understand what it's my screening procedure and what I expecting from you.


First impressions are crucial and you only get one chance.

Please READ and do not send a message asking “what are your rates?” or “hi”

"services" etc. For booking request, I require full sentences.

Example of  text message/email:


     “Hi Barb, my name is  Ed. I found your ad listed on .....and was interested in

meeting you!  I am 52 years old and I'm architect. I took a look at your dates

and noticed you’d be touring in London next week Monday. Can I make appointment

anytime after 3 pm for at least an hour in your infall location?  xo Ed"

As I'm not online always the best way how to contact me its via phone. Short txt or WhatsApp (UK number). If you looking for a well advance appointment feel free to send email but please bear in mind this can take several hours to get a reply.

 I  require a phone call for every appointment. I want to hear your voice and know who I'm expecting.

If I don't answer your phone call, please don't leave a voice message (i will don't listen to them) send me short txt with informations such as: for what time do you looking and how long and ill get back to you as soon I can. P.S. if  you don't want to be connected  after some time make a note in txt "please don't call or text after 7 pm"

Please don't send me any photos of your part of your body etc. - you will be immediately blocked 

Screening procedure  and advance appointments  (for Ireland and UK)
This don't apply to gentleman's what I already saw- ill maybe ask when, where we did saw each other etc.

With the  current  situation with the high rise of time wasters and many attacks  of workers I require deposit from every  new customer (usually 20e)  

revolut, uk bank transfer, pay-safe vouchers, 3money vouchers (the last two options are available to buy with cash)

Who im willing to see 

Males only

over  24years old (if you look  younger i will ask to see your id)

fluent in English 

any race

My terms aren't negotiable.


How to contact me