Phone chat

10 min  20€/£

Video chat 


WhatsApp or FaceTime 

included in this call, its sex talk, roleplays, toys, uniforms, domination, fetishes, kinks, if you looking for anal add 20 and book at least 10min.. (please in conversation before booking, don't be explicit. Always be polite, and never ask for service i dont offer. you can check my service list by  

5 min 20€/£
10 min 30€/£
20 min 55€/£

Skype meets

many of you asked for skype sessions... I offer them only prebooked base with advance. 

let's have a drink together, talk about life, and be naughty.

you will get my skype name after payment.

30 min 100e/£

60 min  160e/£

90 min  200e/£

120 min 250e/£


What's app naughty txt plus photos  

sexting from 50€ for up to 15 min whats app texting and 10 photos. if you looking for anal add 20€/£



Are you looking for more? something like whats app girlfriend? Arrangements from 150€/£ weekly/390€/£  monthly 

included: good morning and good night text, random fun facts and random photos, selfies and up to 5 nudes daily. Not sexual acts involved. 







How to contact  


The prefered way how to contact its text on what's app +447521036013

I don't accept phone calls and video call on what's an app without payment. 


Alternatively, for videos and photos request you can use my email

Please contact me only if you are ready to book and pay. Do not contact me if you looking only for free chat.


This it's my profession, not a hobby,  I'm really friendly but when I'm paid :D


I don't send trials, more photos etc.. You can follow my twitter @barb00451163 for daily updates and photos.  So don't ask for trials this will get you only blocked... If you been blocked I'll unblock you only after payment of 100€/£ Print screen of the payment details to my email.



 My availability may wary. Usually, I'm on my phone from 9 am till 11 pm daily.
If you looking to prebook session, full payment it's requested when you book and at least 10 min booking will be required. I can't hold the booking time for you if you didn't pay.
Please respect, as  anyone else I have a life so, sometimes I'm not able to accommodate  your  request straight away
I do accept  only this  payment methods, I'm not  open to  suggestions
Revolut  +447521036013 prefered
Cashapp £Barbarababeurre 
UK bank transfer ask for details 
only if you sent the payment  from UK bank as any other  take few days  to clear and I'm always  providing  my service after payment  was cleared  on my account 
videos are made it and sent after  payment it's clear on my bank account these transfers take 1-2  business days 
Gift vouchers (optional) if I'm looking to buy something or if you are outside EU, please note I do provide my services after ill receive the voucher and verify its valid.  
3money voucher (optional)
Paysafe vouchers (that's optional ask if I'm interested in getting it)
add5€ for vouchers 10€ -30€,
add 10€ for vouchers 31€- 60€
add 20€  for  vouchers 61€ -100€


did you been happy with my performance?  you may want to send tribute, 
the only tributes, what I  accept its in form of payments, gift card, gifts and feedbacks on my add. 
I don't accept dick picks, videos etc this will get you only blocked... If you been blocked I'll unblock you only after payment of 100€. Print screen of the payment or details to my email.